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Does Decor Affect House Value

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  • 26-07-2023
Does Decor Affect House Value

Does decor affect house value? Learn how factors like colour schemes, materials, and layout can enhance the appeal and perceived worth of your home. Bill McShannon Painter & Decorator offer interior house decorating services in Stockport. Discover the key considerations for maximizing your investment through strategic decor decisions. 

Will redecorating increase my house value?

Will redecorating increase my house value? It's a question that many homeowners ponder when considering ways to improve their property. 

While the decision to redecorate can be driven by personal taste and comfort, there is often a lingering curiosity about whether these efforts will translate into a higher selling price. In the competitive real estate market, where first impressions count, understanding how to add value to your home through redecorating can make a significant difference.

What Are The Basic Rules For Decorating?

From simple updates like a fresh coat of paint to more extensive renovations, strategic choices can attract potential buyers and potentially increase the overall value of your property. Let's explore some key factors to consider when undertaking redecorating projects with an eye towards adding value to your home.

 Consider your buyers

Selling your home effectively requires a keen understanding of your potential buyers. This fundamental aspect can considerably influence the perceived value of your property. Whether you're selling a spacious family home or a compact bachelor pad, tailoring your presentation to align with prospective buyers' lifestyles helps them envision their lives in your property.

Use online tools to derive decor ideas catering to your target market's needs, adding those subtle touches that make a house feel like a home. If you're selling a family house, consider adding decorations that mirror family-friendly warmth. 

Conversely, if you're selling to individual homeowners, certain tones of paint and minimalist decor may be more appealing. The state of your property is critical.

Houses needing repairs risk being undervalued or overlooked, especially in slow markets. So, ensure your home is in optimal condition before listing it. An effective strategy could be to gain initial feedback by putting your property out there early. This allows you to identify any areas needing improvement and align your investment in terms of time and money.

 First impressions matter

When selling a home in England, first impressions are pivotal. A well-maintained entrance, especially the front garden, can significantly increase your home's value.

Rather than pricey renovations, strategic enhancements like decluttering or repairing minor imperfections such as peeling paint can attract potential buyers and boost the sale price.

These investments, although might require time and money, aim to add value without compromising profits. Remember, the process of selling starts with a strong first impression.

Let your property make a memorable one to stand out in a crowded market, thereby increasing its appeal and likelihood of a swift, profitable sale.

Does Decor Affect House Value? Interior House Decorating Services In Stockport

 Benefits of Decorating

Decorating your property can make it more appealing to viewers. Even simple acts of redecoration can transform the feel of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.For instance, a fresh coat of paint could be the difference between securing a viewing and closing a sale. These changes might not directly increase the house value, but they do increase its market appeal, drawing more people to your property in England or beyond.

Moreover, a well-decorated house can encourage a higher offer from buyers. It's standard practice for buyers to initially offer a price below the asking rate, setting the stage for negotiations. If you've recently redecorated, you save the buyers the effort of doing so themselves after moving in. This convenience can be a powerful selling point, often resulting in a higher offer than if the house were not decorated.

In essence, investing time and money into decorating your home before selling can create a strong first impression, add value, and ensure you sell your home at a price you're happy with. It's more than just about aesthetics - it's about increasing your home's value and appeal.

Decorating Schemes to Avoid When Selling a House

Selling a house often entails creating an aesthetic that appeals to a wide range of potential buyers, rather than reflecting your personal taste. Therefore, understanding which decorating schemes to steer clear of can be crucial when preparing your home for the market. 

While bold, colourful interiors are trending in the world of interior design, they might not be the most strategic choice when intending to sell your home. 

Buyers are often drawn to houses where they can visualise their lives unfolding, and overly personalised spaces can hamper this imagination. Research has revealed that nearly a third of house hunters would offer below the asking price for homes decorated in a maximalist style.

Similarly, bohemian and art deco styles can deter approximately 31% of potential buyers. Sellers often overlook the fact that buyers are not just purchasing the house but are also buying into a vision of their lives within it. Consequently, if existing decor, furniture, and overall aesthetics are highly individualised or skew towards less popular designs, it can extend the sale process and make it more challenging.

On the contrary, minimalism is a decorating scheme that holds broad appeal. Characterised by clean lines, muted colours, and less clutter, this style conveys a sense of space, cleanliness, and light. It facilitates a setting in which buyers can easily imagine themselves, which can expedite a sale. 

Although vibrant, bohemian, or maximalist interiors may accurately reflect your personality, they may not resonate with a broad buyer base. 

When preparing your home for sale, it's essential to present a style that appeals to a wide audience. This doesn't mean your home should lack character, but it should be versatile enough to cater to diverse tastes. Opting for neutral colour palettes for walls and floors can create a backdrop that allows potential buyers to project their style onto it.

De-cluttering and adopting a minimalist design can emphasise the spaciousness of your home. This 'blank canvas' approach doesn't just attract more viewers but can also positively influence their perception of your home's value. 

What Decor Upgrade Will Increase My Value the Most?

As a homeowner with intentions to sell, deciphering which decor upgrades to undertake for maximum return can be a head-scratcher. The ultimate goal is to increase your property's appeal and value, simultaneously ensuring a quick sale at a great price. To streamline the process for you, we've gathered some key areas to consider for an impactful upgrade.

 Renovating The Bathroom

Bathrooms are no longer viewed merely as functional spaces but rather as personal sanctuaries where one can relax and unwind. A well-executed bathroom renovation, therefore, can contribute significantly to your property's appeal. Depending on your bathroom's existing state, a comprehensive makeover could add between 5-10% to your property value.

This task involves careful consideration of both design aesthetics and functionality. It's worth keeping prospective buyers' preferences in mind. Most people have a preference between baths and showers, so including both options would appeal to a wider audience. If space is limited, consider integrating a shower over the bath—it's a practical solution that doesn't compromise the bathroom's appeal.

 Adding A Bedroom

Among the myriad ways to increase your property's value, adding a bedroom stands out as a highly effective strategy. The versatility of this approach makes it appealing to many homeowners. For instance, you could opt for an extension to create a new room, especially if your property has unused exterior space.

Alternatively, underutilised interior spaces - such as a formal dining area that barely sees use - could be repurposed into a bedroom. Loft conversions are another popular option in the UK, transforming often neglected attic space into a desirable feature.

However, it's vital to remember that the feasibility of each option depends on your home's current structure and layout. Planning permissions and building regulations also play a crucial role. Nonetheless, the potential value increase is notable, with an additional bedroom adding up to 20% to your property's worth.

Adding A Bedroom - Does Decor Affect House Value?

 Sprucing Up The Garden

The value of outdoor spaces has been brought to the forefront, especially in recent times, with buyers increasingly looking for homes that offer these areas. Whether you're selling a house with a spacious garden or a flat with a compact balcony, showcasing this space's potential can attract a myriad of potential buyers. Garden upkeep - trimming hedges, removing weeds, mowing the lawn - can't be overlooked.

Furthermore, making the space visually appealing and demonstrating its functionality can help buyers envision how they might utilise it. Perhaps add a comfortable outdoor seating area or brighten the space with potted plants. 

It's these small tweaks that can leave a lasting impression. Although the presence of an outdoor space can automatically elevate your property's value, maximising its potential can pay dividends. A garden that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional could prove to be the distinguishing feature that secures a sale.

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