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How Often Should You Decorate Your Living Room

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  • 27-06-2023
How Often Should You Decorate Your Living Room

This article explores: how often should you decorate your living room? Bill McShannon Painter & Decorator offer interior house painting services in Stockport. We look at reasons why your living room decor could use an upgrade and how & when to redecorate your room.

How Often Should I Paint My Living Room?

Paint is undoubtedly a cost-effective and dramatic way to bring a fresh look to your home. When it comes to decorating, one of the first things people often think about is how to freshen up the living room. 

As the living room is usually a central part of the house, where family members converge and guests are entertained, keeping it in top shape should be a priority. But how often should one redecorate this significant space?

Generally, professional decorators suggest that your interior walls, including the living room, should be repainted every three to five years. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all rule, however, as factors such as wear and tear, changes in your lifestyle or family, and new furniture acquisitions may necessitate a new coat of paint sooner. For instance, if you have children engaging in indoor activities like soccer, the walls might take a beating and demand a fresh coat of paint earlier than expected.

Additionally, if you decide to remodel your home or change the style of your living room, the timeline for repainting might shorten. Love for new themes and styles might make you want to redecorate more often.

The quality of the paint job also plays a significant role in how long it lasts. Engaging professionals for prep work and painting can ensure that the paint goes on smoothly and lasts longer, saving you from the hassle of prepping, priming, painting, and cleaning up drips yourself.

In conclusion, as a general rule, it's advisable to paint your living room every three to five years. However, depending on various factors including wear and tear, changes in decor preferences, and the introduction of new furniture, this timeline might fluctuate. 

Keep an eye on your walls and if they start to feel a bit drab or show signs of wear, it might be time to reach for the paintbrush and inject some new life into your living room.

How Often Should You Decorate Your Living Room? Interior House Painting Services In Stockport.

How and When To Redecorate Your Room

Redecorating your room is an exciting endeavour that can breathe fresh life into your living space. Whether it’s a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or dining room, giving a fresh touch to your interiors makes your home more inviting and reflective of your personality. But the question arises: how and when should you go about redecorating your room?

The Timeline

According to interior designers, one should contemplate redecorating bedrooms every three to four years as trends are continually evolving and your room may start to look outdated. 

Most people tend to decorate at least twice within eight years. Eight years is a long time, and our lives could have completely changed, therefore, your bedroom may need to function in an entirely different way.

This is particularly true for rooms belonging to children, as their needs and tastes change rapidly with age. A room that’s perfect for a five-year-old may not be suitable when they turn thirteen. The room needs to adapt and change as they grow.

Other rooms in the house may have different timelines. For instance, living rooms, being the hub of social activity, may need to be freshened up more frequently, perhaps every three to five years. The kitchen and dining room, subject to more wear and tear, might need a new look every five years, while you might redecorate the whole house every 7 to 10 years.

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The How

When it comes to decorating, there are several things to consider. Love for new trends, or a need for change, might drive your decorating choices.

  • Assess Your Space: Take a good look at the room and think about what you would like to change. Consider the functionality and how the room makes you feel.
  • Choose a Theme or Style: Select a decorating style or theme that you love and that complements the rest of your house.
  • Select Colours and Textures: A bedroom, being a place of relaxation, should draw you in with its colours, textures, and lighting.
  • Acquire New Furniture and Decor: Sometimes, introducing new furniture or decor pieces can drastically change the look and feel of a room.
  • Paint: A fresh coat of paint can dramatically change the room. When painting, consider the mood you want to create.
  • Final Touches: Add the finishing touches with decor items, artwork, and lighting that tie the room together.

In conclusion, redecorating is not just about following a timeline; it’s also about ensuring that the space adapts to the changing phases of your life and preferences. Whether it's every three years or ten, the right time to redecorate is when you feel the need to refresh and rejuvenate your living space.

Reasons Why Your Living Room Decor Could Use an Upgrade - Interior House Painting Services In Stockport.

Reasons Why Your Living Room Decor Could Use an Upgrade

The living room, being the social hub of the home, requires periodic revamping. Here are three pivotal reasons why it might be time to rejuvenate your living room decor:

A Fresh Start

Feeling disconnected or bored with your home's ambience? Refreshing your living room can revitalise your connection to the space. Assess the room and pinpoint elements that can make it more inviting. Opt for quality furniture but ensure you read reviews and compare options. A consistent theme throughout the house is beneficial, but even revamping just the living room can make a substantial difference.

Affordability Changes

If your financial situation has improved over the years, celebrate this by upgrading your living room. Invest in modern, durable furniture and décor that reflect your evolved tastes. However, be cautious and ensure your spending aligns with your budget and focus on pieces that will stand the test of time.

Moving Into A New Home

Relocating to a new home presents an opportune moment to leave behind old, worn-out furniture. Embrace the fresh start by furnishing your new living room with contemporary and stylish items that align with your current lifestyle and preferences.

Your Personal Needs Have Changed

With changes in lifestyle, such as having children, moving, or perhaps beginning to work from home, your personal needs evolve and consequently, so should your decor. 

Every so often, it's vital to assess your living room and ask yourself if it supports your current needs. For instance, if you're homeschooling children or working from home, does the living room accommodate these activities efficiently? 

Refreshing and redecorating your living room to align with these changes helps in creating a more productive and comfortable environment.

Your Family Needs Have Changed

As your family grows, the needs of each member change. Young children eventually become teenagers, each requiring their own space. 

Catering to these needs is essential in maintaining a harmonious household. While redecorating, take into account the preferences of family members. 

For teenagers, incorporating simple DIY partitions can create a sense of individuality and personal space. These details contribute significantly to the happiness and well-being of everyone in the house.

Add Joy To Your Living Room

Emanating the philosophy of Marie Kondo, it’s essential that your living room sparks joy. If you find that the walls and furnishings no longer evoke feelings of peace and contentment, it might be time for a change. Infuse your living room with elements that bring you joy. 

Engage in DIY projects such as creating personalised artwork or hand-painting frames, which not only add a fresh touch but also a sense of accomplishment.

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