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Proud Members of the
Painting and Decorating Association

Here at Bill McShannon Painter & Decorator, I am pleased to be a member of the British decorators association, the UK's largest trade body and provider for painters and decorators. PDA members are reliable and professional with a promise to work properly and provide the best practice possible with my decorating services. 

This membership gives my quality painting services credibility in the decorating industry, and I am a decorator that takes that incredibly seriously, offering only premier trade. With over 40 years of industry experience, I work tirelessly in domestic jobs to bring excellent painting and decorating services.

Who Are The Painting and Decorating Association (PDA)?

The PDA website states they are a support and advice system, providing a wide range of businesses with construction and decoration help. They are a non-profit organisation, meaning they rely on continued support from associates and members to function - which is crucial for companies.

Organisations such as the painting and decorating association are vital for qualified painters and decorators such as myself, passing tests of reliability and integrity to prove professionalism in the industry. They are the employers association for painting and decorating teams across England.

The Painting and Decorating Association was created due to a lack of support for painters and decorators across the UK. Since 1894, they have been assisting with the training and support of sole traders, limited companies, national contractors and growing SMEs.

PDA Residential Painters and Decorators

Good communication is key to finding the right tradesperson for your job, and the PDA allows a wide range of committed members to offer information while you liaise for the best fit. When looking for a painter to complete your residential project, whether that's redecorating your front room or bedroom - the painting and decorating association has the best in the industry available. Sufficient experience is required to join the PDA, meaning all painters and decorators you find there are trusted.

All PDA members receive ongoing support and training, meaning I am updated with the most modern and efficient practices. Legal support and employment advice are readily available for me, with health and safety regulations being regularly updated and matched to each project. They are constantly encouraging and hosting events for companies, meaning we constantly improve and ensure the best service for you. 

Why use a PDA Member?

When you use a qualified and registered PDA member, you know they are licensed to complete all painting and decorating work at your property. This is essential to receive the best end result, and the PDA emblem is a sign of experience unmatched by any other company. As a PDA member, I am committed to the PDA code of practice. This outlines that I must always act professionally, upholding the integrity of the painting and decorating industry and submit a written quotation before work begins.

I believe in prioritising customers, and that is why I take the same level of passion into every project. You can always rely on a free quotation without obligation before I begin your painting or decorating project. 

Please get in touch with our team today via 01614807314, 07710685001 or for more information on our services.