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Inspiration To Installation

You can see a significant improvement in the quality of the home after hanging new wallpaper, along with increasing property value and appeal. I take all work seriously and am passionate about achieving the best result, talking you through the process as it progresses.

If you are new to decorating, I can give guidance on picking the right wallpaper for your design and room size, finding cost-effective solutions to sometimes expensive choices. I believe in being transparent with customers, helping you through the process. I work on recommendations and feedback, hoping for returning customers over many years - so I don't abandon you when the work is done.

I work efficiently and cleanly, meaning you won't even be able to tell I was there in the first place. Please contact me today to hire my services or inquire about your free, no-obligation quote. 

Wallpapering Services

Wallpaper hanging has become a popular part of wall coverings and feature walls in homes across the country. As an expert painter and decorator, I can provide such services with quality finishes. I operate throughout Stockport, South Manchester, Didsbury and Hazel Grove, among other areas.

Please see my whole range of wallpapering services below. Here at Bill McShannon Painter & Decorator, I am a wallpaper hanging specialist and interior painter and decorator - transforming whole houses for over 40 years. Please contact me today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Wallpaper Repair

Over time, wallpaper can become damaged, and I ensure repair of all skirting boards and walls, working efficiently and to your vision. 

In my 40+ years of being a decorator, I have worked with many styles and patterns, ensuring to not miss anything for my happy customers and homeowners. 

Wallpaper Removal

I am happy to visit your property and efficiently remove wallpaper from the wall. This is an otherwise gruelling job and takes a lot of time, but I work quickly and politely,  ensuring all waste is disposed of. 

There will always be quality finishes when I hang new wallpaper at your property.

Wallpaper Hanging

Hanging wallpaper correctly ensures no air bubbles and flat and clean finishes are achieved. 

I am fully trained and insured (including public liability insurance) to hang all wallpaper types, working across residential properties of all sizes. Feel free to message me today if you require such assistance. 

Wallpaper Hanging Throughout The Home

There are many purposes for hanging wallpaper in your home and can match traditional, contemporary and minimalistic designs. I take into consideration all the doors, furniture, windows and more, promising a perfect result no matter the scale of the job. I am happy to arrange a visit to your property, offering advice on the patterns and vision you have in mind. Here at Bill McShannon Painter & Decorator, I can offer advice on interior design as a whole when hanging wallpaper. You can choose to hang new wallpaper for:

Hallway renovations

Kitchen upgrades & changes

Dining Room renovations

Business rejuvenation

Bedroom Re-decoration