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Wallpaper vs Paint Pros and Cons for Interior Design

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  • 28-11-2023
Wallpaper vs Paint Pros and Cons for Interior Design

This article compares the pros and cons of wallpaper and paint for interior design. It highlights wallpaper's longer lifespan, transformative impact, and potential drawbacks such as cost and installation challenges, while noting paint's simplicity, versatility, and occasional maintenance needs.

Wallpaper vs Paint

The two most durable materials are paint and wallpaper. Paint applied to properly prepared and sealed walls will last many years while maintaining its original appearance. Wallpaper can maintain its appearance and shape for many years. Years from now, you'll still feel the same way when you go into a room with wallpaper.

When properly cared for, wallpaper and paint will last for many years of use; they won't fade and will suit your home's décor until you decide to change the style of your house once more.

Consider paintable wallpaper if you need an exact colour or want the flexibility to modify the colour of an area occasionally. It's the best of both worlds, with a wide variety of texture effects and designs to select from. Any room's wall decor is an essential component. It can provide character, aesthetic appeal, and even practicality. Consider the benefits and drawbacks listed below as you decide whether to paint or use wallpaper in your home. 

Wallpaper vs Paint Pros and Cons for Interior Design

Pros and Cons of Wallpaper

Take a moment to consider wallpaper before picking up your paintbrush. Today's wallpaper can add vibrant hues, intricate designs, and interesting textures to any room.

Before deciding to paint your walls, consider the advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper. Patterned wallpaper can give your home additional dimensions if your room is filled with furniture in solid colours. You will feel as though the entire room has changed even though only one piece of furniture has been moved.

Every two to five years, depending on the amount of children, pets, and traffic, paint has to be touched up or redone entirely. Compared to painting a room, wallpaper lasts ten to fifteen years. Wallpaper can make even damaged walls appear appealing.

Your walls can look wonderful while concealing issues you don't want to fix with a high-quality, thick wallpaper. However, over time, wallpaper patterns evolve. If you have to change the wallpaper because a wall is broken, it may be an issue.

Dye lots play a part as well. If you need to hang a roll of wallpaper on a wall, ordering a separate roll might not work. The wrong wallpaper design might overshadow the room or make it look different.

 Pro: Wallpaper is Durable

Wallpaper frequently lasts up to 15 years longer than paint when compared to paint. Of course, a painted wall can last up to ten years with proper care.

The variation in lifespan is caused by the paint's propensity to chip and mark, especially when it has a matt surface. Silk materials can typically be cleaned with a damp cloth, although tough stains are difficult to remove.

High-quality wallpaper can endure the test of time and the wear and tear that comes with it, particularly our washable wallpaper substitutes. Most stains and marks can be easily removed from this collection of wallpapers with a sponge that has been rinsed. 

Wallpaper is Durable - Wallpaper vs. Paint

 Pro: Wallpaper is Transformative

Wallpaper excels when it comes to the appearance and texture of your walls. Wallpaper is the only piece of interior décor that can drastically alter a room's appearance. Wallpaper is the way to go if you want to create a masterpiece out of a room that would otherwise be dull and uninteresting. Paint is wonderful, and if you like, you may mix several hues to create an eclectic appearance.

Paint simply cannot achieve what wallpaper can if you want drama or flair. It is not even close. Wallpaper gives visitors something to talk about that inspires wonder and fantasy; it establishes a theme, defines the tone, and can even change the feelings and feel of the space.

 Con: Challenges in Removal and Maintenance

Removing existing wallpaper can be a challenging and time-consuming process, requiring perseverance and the use of proper equipment. High-moisture areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, pose a risk of causing wallpaper to peel off the wall.

While removal is possible with chemicals or stripping instruments, care must be taken to preserve the underlying wall. 

Furthermore, the potential for peeling, especially in damp spaces, and the maintenance involved make wallpaper less suitable for areas prone to moisture, leading to additional concerns for homeowners.

 Con: Cost Variability and Installation Expenses

The cost of wallpaper can fluctuate significantly based on market factors. Purchasing wallpaper in rolls, using it as a material, and then installing it can contribute to higher expenses.

Additionally, hiring a professional wallpaper hanger for installation is recommended, adding to the overall cost. This cost factor may deter individuals on a budget from choosing wallpaper as a wall covering option.

Pros and Cons of Painting

   Pro: Cost-Effectiveness

Paint emerges as the more cost-effective option in comparison to wallpaper, especially when considering do-it-yourself projects.

Unless opting for professional painting services, which might be influenced by the scale of the project and time constraints, painting allows for budget-friendly transformations. DIY enthusiasts can keep costs down by handling the painting themselves.

However, when hiring professionals, thorough research is essential, as finding skilled painters for larger areas, challenging spaces, or unique wall shapes can be more challenging compared to wallpaper installation. 

Pros and Cons of Painting

 Pro: Time Efficiency and Ease of Change

Painting is a relatively swift process once the preparatory steps are completed. After cleaning, concealing imperfections, taping, sanding, and priming, the final step is simply rolling or brushing on the paint. Unlike wallpaper, there's no need to worry about issues like air bubbles or pattern alignment.

Furthermore, if you desire a change, painting over the existing wall is straightforward, especially if using the same type of paint and the wall is in good condition. Even transitioning between colours or paint types is manageable with a quick priming step.

 Pro: Versatility and Aesthetics

Painting offers a versatile range of options with various types and finishes, providing an extensive palette of colours. Unlike many wallpapers, paints are adaptable even in humid environments.

Moisture-friendly paints can transform spaces like bathrooms, offering a fresh look that withstands challenging conditions, such as hot showers.

 Con: Maintenance Challenges in High-Traffic Areas

While painting offers a simple way to refresh your space, one significant drawback is the susceptibility of paint in high-traffic areas to peeling and chipping.

Continuous touch-ups may be necessary to maintain a polished appearance, posing a challenge compared to the durability of wallpaper in such settings.

  Con: Frequent Repainting Requirements

Unlike wallpaper, which can endure for over a decade, most paints require reapplication every three to five years.

This frequent need for repainting not only demands time and effort but also adds to the long-term costs associated with maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a painted space. 

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